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Trademark & Intellectual Property Advisory

Trademark and Intellectual Property advisory (IP Advisory) is crucial to all businesses and is especially important to businesses operating in China. IP ranges from confidential information, meaning anything that is not revealed publically, to patents. In order to make your business run smoothly, it is vital that you plan all your business ventures thoughtfully and thoroughly while keeping the future in mind. For this, you must claim and register all IP in order to preserve your intellectual property’s potential value. Thankfully, we at LehmanBrown are ready to aide you in this process. Our expert team will be able to guide you through the proper steps in recording your IP.

Intellectual property is the most elusive amongst all of a company’s assets. Assets that are not IP, such as real estate, equipment, inventory, cash and accounts receivables are shown within your corporate balance sheet. However, value can be added when your company’s engineering or R&D department develops a new product. One of the common types of IP that we work with is Trademarks.

Trademarks are recognizable designs that are associated with companies. Registering your trademark secures it as your intellectual property. Our employees are able to help you through that process as well as work with you to confirm that you are not illegally using another trademark. Reporting your trademark on your financials can also be a difficult task. Our experienced staff can aide you in valuing and impairing.

At LehmanBrown our specialists will be able to help your company evaluate record and acquire IP. Our experienced staff will enable you to report your IP to GAAP and IFRS standards and of course we understand that if you have chosen to keep your IP private then we are committed to respecting confidentiality.

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