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Workforce Downsizing Advisory

Aside from the impact on employees, the timing and manner in which retrenchments are conducted can have considerable positive implications, but more often than not, they can have negative ramifications on a business – in terms of cost, productivity, trust, and reputation. This has never been clearer than during turbulent economic times. It is essential, therefore, to have a well thought-out strategy for any workforce downsizing. At LehmanBrown we are able to support you through this difficult process and provide you with a professional opinion.

Professionals at LehmanBrown are ready to work with you in order to find out what the best procedure is for downsizing your company. Our professionals have experience working with different companies in order to understand their business model. By doing this they are then able to evaluate the different roles of your employees and make recommendations to your company. Our recommendations are done efficiently in order to ensure that your company is able to react to the fluctuating economy in a timely manner. By having the experiences of working with companies of all sizes on their downsizing, we can analyse the effects of the different decisions and use that knowledge to help your company.

Our employees at LehmanBrown are extremely considerate of how challenging this can be for many companies. By acting in a professional manner we respect your privacy as employers and as a company. We take our role of providing you with a professional opinion very seriously, especially regarding situations that will influence the future of your business.

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