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Corporate Restructuring Advisory

Corporate restructuring is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of a company and can be implemented for a number of reasons such as making the firm more competitive, surviving the current adverse economic climate, or helping the corporation move in an entirely new direction. However, financial restructuring may take place in response to a downfall in sales, resulting from a sluggish economy, or temporary concerns about the economy in general. When this happens, the corporation may need to reorganize finances in order to ensure that the company maintains operations through this rough period. Cost cutting is a way to survive.  Methods for doing so include combining divisions or departments, reassigning responsibilities, eliminating personnel, or scaling back production at various facilities owned by the company.

Whatever reason for your restructuring, LehmanBrown will be able to do so in an effective, efficient and, above all, professional manner. With years of experience working in close partnership with corporations in China, we know the regulations of the PRC that affect your company. One of the most crucial parts of aiding in Corporate Restructuring Advisory is the understanding of what makes your business tick. We work closely with you to make sure that we have a full understanding of your business model so that we can target any weaknesses while we work to restructure your company.

At LehmanBrown our forward thinking professionals are able to work with your company to spot possible weaknesses or threats that could be exposed in the future. In the event where we do help your company after restructuring in order to work through tough financial times, we work with you to rejuvenate your business by implementing a strategy that will set your business back on course.

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