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Labour Law Review & Audits

Performing Labour Law Review & Audits are pertinent for companies in avoiding lawsuits or litigations.  For a company’s public reputation and credibility, this is a fundamental factor. It is therefore of vital importance to not only have a thorough labour audit, but also one that is trustworthy and shows the firm in a genuinely good light when it comes to its employer-employee relationships. Along with ensuring this, a Public Labour Review and Audit also acts as a safeguard to detect problems that could occur in the future.

Two very important parts of this audit process are being up to date with the laws and being able to understand the business. Our professionals here at LehmanBrown keep up to date on legislation that could affect the audit. Beyond this our auditors are proactive and are able to detect possible weakness before a law is passed that would expose it. When our auditors work with a client, they fully immerse themselves in it in order to understand the ins and outs. Before doing this the only perspective they are able to confidently view is from the legal side. By understanding what is happening in the business and what everyone’s roles are, they are able to detect possible weaknesses. Henceforth, they can rectify the mistakes and maintain their reputation.

Employees that understand the audit is only part of what we offer. At LehmanBrown, our audit team have diverse experience with businesses across China and are able to step into your company and go beyond just the black and white. By employing LehmanBrown to do your Labour Law Review & Audit, you are not only getting efficient auditors that certify your company, but also auditors that will work with you personally in order to educate in labour laws as a goal to help you avoid future labour disputes.

To make an enquiry of Labour Law Review and Audits Services, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.


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