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Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence is an imperative part of the transaction and acquisition process. Red flags revealed in the due diligence on the target company will play a large role in your company’s decision of whether to do business with them or not. Although the due diligence process can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming, especially for a company unfamiliar with the process, it is a crucial component for secure corporate transactions.

LehmanBrown is here to ensure a timely and friction free legal due diligence process. We do this via an investigation of the target company through our specialists reviewing documents. We also interview people with knowledge about the company in detail, in order to reveal all material facts and potential liabilities relating to the target business or company. We invest our time into getting to know the company’s ins and outs so that you can feel comfortable doing business with your target company.

Our Legal Due Diligence allows you to better understand your business, become acquainted with your company, help to evaluate the target company, help draft the relevant documentation, identify barriers to closing and set out legal opinions. At LehmanBrown we believe it is important that we look at a problem from all viewpoints. In situations that involve legal due diligence, we are able to provide you with all of the facts in order to make complex business decisions.

At LehmanBrown our professionals are familiar with the Chinese laws and regulations, which play a large role in due diligence. Whether you are a foreign or domestic company entering business with a target company in China, it is important to understand the necessary laws and government documentation in order to evaluate. Having this experience allows us to service our clients and better enable a simpler legal due diligence process.

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