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Legal Services

Legal Advisory

A business inevitably comes into contact with the law, often in the two spheres: Corporate Law and Labour Law. Both spheres are of equal importance which is why at LehmanBrown we have professionals to help you navigate these fields as well as in other, less common, legal fields.

At LehmanBrown our forward thinking employees are ready to find you a solution. With offices around China we have gained vast experience in the PRC’s business and legal landscape. This background and knowledge gives us the ability to serve you better by being familiar with the legal system and being up to date on legislation which could influence your case.

With employees who are ready to delve into a problem and to find you a solution, we at LehmanBrown are equipped to support clients with their legal support requirements across a variety of industries. Being a firm that works with a diverse group of companies we are able to tailor to your individual needs. In China we have been an enabler for companies to grow their businesses and being able to provide legal advisory plays an important role in that. We also understand that legal situations can often be highly sensitive. In all cases, our employees respect this and handle each case with due care and confidentiality.

To make an enquiry about Legal Advisory, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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