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Debt Collection Assistance

Although you may employ different techniques to get your debtors to pay on time, there are still times where you find some of your clients end up paying late. When this happens, as a creditor, you have two rights. The first is to charge interest and the second is to recover the costs of collecting late debt. Both of these rights can be exercised at your own discretion. At LehmanBrown, we provide assistance in being proactive with creditors and also work with you to retrieve money from debtors.

To support with this, LehmanBrown can provide professional credit control and debt collection services. Our credit control services work with your company to evaluate clients’ risk and decide the proper amount of credit to be extended. We are able to monitor these credit lines and notify you when our professionals see a potential approaching risk. Our debt collection services work directly with you and your debtors in order to find a solution and plan to pay back the debt. Every situation that we encounter is different and we understand how sensitive it can be.

We have years of experience in the fields of credit control and debt recovery. We can put that level of experience to use by providing a fast, efficient and effective debt collection service. Being efficient is one of the most important resources that we are able to offer our clients. When money is owed, the longer the time that passes, the more difficult it can become to collect. Our professionals are trained to evaluate the situation fast in order to ensure that you recover debt and accounts receivable in an efficient matter.

To make an enquiry about our Debt Collection Assistance, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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