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Dispute Mediation & Advisory

Dispute mediation & advisory is a process in which our trained representatives help the different parties within a legal dispute identify the issues, develop options, bring up alternative ideas and attempt to reach a formal agreement. Although the process may seem like a few simple steps, our professionals work diligently to make sure that they have all of the proper information and are able to mediate the discussion fairly while creating an open environment.

We practice both direct resolution methods, with the goal focused on being an informative, and reasoned mid-point for both parties to use. We also act in a facilitative role where we will not provide advice on the matters in disputes but rather create a constructive environment where natural dialog may occur.

When we perform a direct resolution, our professionals collect the necessary data and analyze it in order to enter the negotiations understanding sides’, current situation, needs, and wants. By being forward thinking and understanding, we are able to be confident in the reasoned middle-point that we recommend to our clients.

In situations where we do not provide any recommendations and instead create the environment for discussion, our teams work to ensure that both parties are able to represent themselves fairly and are confident in defending their arguments. This is a unique service that we offer and when we perform this we are sure to respect the privacy of each party.

In situations where mediation is needed, our professionals understand that it could be a sensitive situation and that treating both sides with upmost respect is always pertinent to the success of dispute mediation. By choosing LehmanBrown to aide in your dispute resolution process, you will have access to professionals that are competent and courteous.

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