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Review & Preparation of Employment Contracts

Short or long stay, domestic or expatriate, employment contracts not only set the legal relationship that an employee has with their employer, but they also go a long way towards establishing the personal relationship between the two parties. Good terms, well-established obligations, and remunerations are integral to an effective working partnership. What’s more, the PRC has a vast network of incentives and benefits across its changing legal landscape and making the most out of these creates ease for not only the employer but also for the employee.

LehmanBrown is here, with our years of experience, to guide you to the perfect working partnerships with your staff. One aspect that is unique to labour contracts is that they can change even after they are implemented. Because of this, our professionals are trained to look for possible weaknesses in the labour contracts and enable your company to make the most of the relationship. In 2008 when the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China was released, our professionals were trained in these new laws in order to ensure that our clients were getting accurate information. Since then, amendments were made to this law, we have been sure to stay up to date because it is when we are fully informed that we can then help you do the same.

Even though we are reviewing the relationships within your company, our professionals will build a positive relationship with you. By always having a LehmanBrown specialist at your side to assist you in the process of preparing your labour contracts, you can be sure that we are creating professional relationships within your company. These relationships build your culture and facilitates our professionals to take an important role in that process.

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