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Legal Services

Legal Services

Getting Started
A business inevitably comes into contact with the law during the course of its operations, most often in the two spheres: Corporate Law and Labour Law.

The Chinese Legal System is inherently complex and can be daunting for both a young SME starting up, or at the opposite end of the spectrum – a large mature multinational operation. Taking expert advisory will enable you to focus on the running of your business, both minimising and understanding the risks associated with matters such as Labour Law Compliance, Contractual Dispute Mediation, Debt Collection and Intellectual Property amongst others.

Our Legal Services Department
Our Legal Services Department is divided into the below categories:

Labour Legal Advisory
Corporate Legal Advisory
Other Legal Services

We provide these services across our network of offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong to support and add value to businesses and clients.

Why Choose LehmanBrown?
At LehmanBrown we strive to answer all your problems, and our experience in the PRC’s business landscape means that our professional legal teams are well situated to delve straight into finding you a solution. In doing so, we offer you personalised, specific and dependable legal advice.

Labour Legal Advisory
Labour laws are complex and, importantly, personal to your staff. Management of labour, where quality labour is a precious resource, can be an exceedingly tricky balancing act between the potentially competing wants of employees and the employer.

Disputes over work place practices, potential discrimination, unfair actions, internal conflicts, mistreatment and many other areas can be an untimely and costly avenue that a company may get lost down. Having a seasoned representative by your side can not only increase efficiency and decrease wastefulness, but also motivate employees.

Corporate Legal Advisory
We at LehmanBrown, as professional and caring practitioners, always aim to fully understand our clients’ perspective. We understand our clients’ needs and various legal services that may be required under different circumstances. We can provide full legal advice to facilitate your needs quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to resolving our clients’ problems and provide timely advice that fits in your personal time frame. The time and efforts saved by our practice will undoubtedly improve your firm’s operations and enhance its capacity to respond to unexpected matters swiftly.

Other Legal Services
In addition to the aforementioned services in the labour and corporate legal advisory, LehmanBrown can offer a wide range of different legal services including dispute mediation and advisory, trademark and intellectual property advisory, debt collection assistance, and litigation support.

Our international approach to all problems lets us offer many different services, through all niche areas.

What is more, if there is not a service we can offer at the high professional standards we hold, our working history within China has put us into contact with many outstanding businesses, which we are happy to connect you with. At LehmanBrown, your problems are always a priority.

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Further Resources for Your Business
You can find out more about the full scope of our Legal Services throughout this section of our website and via the FAQ resources, which have structured guidelines around key China Legal matters.

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