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Review & Preparation of Articles of Association (AoA)

The Articles of Association (AoA) are the founding documents of many companies. The structure, goals and regulations they set out serve as an integral aspect of company management and operational directives. It is vital that a company’s articles contain the provisions that are right for them. With changing regulations and legislations, and a movement to an international standing, companies are often advised to update their AoA to keep them organized in a modern work environment.

LehmanBrown employs a team of experienced professionals who can do the intricate work required to get the most out of a company’s AoA. This team works closely with you to ensure that the Articles of Association we develop properly reflect the way that your company runs and the way that you would like to see it work in the future. With companies now being more international than ever it is imperative that the AoA’s reflect the structure for the entirety of the company.

Our team that helps you with your AoA is comprised of professionals that have experience working with clients of all different sizes. Our experience allows us to understand how a wide variety of businesses work in the PRC and abroad. We understand that your company is unique and different, and that is why you are in business. Every case we handle is treated differently than the last because we are able to understand your specific needs.

To make an enquiry concerning services related to Article of Association Preparation and Review, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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