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Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance and accounting professionals are able to manage a business’ cash forecasting, and help its managers decide how to invest it in ways that will ensure the greatest return. Through the implementation of various strategies, our well-designed corporate finance service will help maximise your shareholder value.

At LehmanBrown we help to look for ways to:

  • Restructure Debt
  • Free up capital
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease expenses
  • Create and sustain relationships with capital providers

We will look at the best growth path for the company, whether it is through acquiring other companies or reinvesting in the business to expand internally.

A company’s size, complexity, industry, and stage of development (for example whether it’s a start-up or established business), will help to determine the specific responsibilities that need to be handled.

All companies need to balance their books and usually have a degree of internal structure to handle this, but some large companies also need to hire external financial experts to evaluate potential acquisitions.

At LehmanBrown, through years of experience we have acquired knowledge in a wide array of methods in corporate financing. Our corporate finance experts can tailor financing strategies for your unique needs, ensuring efficient business operation.

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