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Damage Assessment Valuation

Damage Assessment Valuation is estimating the amount of damage or loss caused by an accident or a natural disaster.  This process can also include an estimate of the extent of damage as well as what can be replaced, restored or possibly saved. This estimate may also include the time required for the service required (i.e. repair, replacement or recovery).  Ideally, this would be done as soon to when the accident occurred as possible to ensure the most accurate results, however, the scene must be cleared by the proper authorities as to ensure that no harm would come to the workers doing the assessment.

Damage assessment is the key to getting the appropriate resources to fix the problem before it becomes worse.  When done well, damage assessment can be the start of the process of effective response from relief organizations.

Our teams combine various and relevant areas of expertise.  Our teams have experience providing damage valuation services for a wide variety of complex issues.  They understand that not every case is the same and that there are many factors that change the amount of damage done, or the value of the property lost and that these vary greatly case to case.  This experience and individual attention to each case is why we are able to offer the highest quality of damage valuation service here at LehmanBrown.

To make an enquiry concerning LehmanBrown Damage Asset Valuation Services, please contact enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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