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Special Purposes Valuation

The valuation of an asset determines the worth of a company, property or security.  Valuing Special-Purpose property, whether it is for the public or private, is vital to analyzing reasonable rateable values and the costing of tax. Special purpose valuation may look at the company’s management, the composition of its capital structure, future cash inflows and market value of assets.

Valuation on property requires a lot of research into the entity and should be done in a strategic process. These key methods should be considered when valuing special purpose property:

Planning and preparation (Why does the asset need a valuation?)

Adjusting the financial statements (Is there a balance?)

Is there an estimate of the value?

Is there a growing concern in the business? (Will the entity continue for the next 12 months?)

Throughout our history of practice across the whole of Greater China, LehmanBrown has gained extensive experience in valuing Special-Purpose property for both the public and private sector. We can also assist in the adaptive reuse of Special-Purpose property following the cessation of specific design activity and in managing disposal and acquisitions of Special-Purpose property.

To make an enquiry concerning LehmanBrown Special Purposes Valuation Services, please contact enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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