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Intellectual Property Valuation

Intellectual Property Valuations are becoming increasingly more important in an economy where intellectual property (IP) is sometimes a company’s most valuable asset.  Intellectual property is just like any other asset, it can be traded, sold, or just given away, and therefore it must be valued like any other type of property.  Analysis of Fortune 500 companies shows that in 1975, 60% of market value was represented by their tangible assets.  In 1995, just twenty years later, the percentage fell to just 25% and that downward trend keeps continuing.  The reason for that drop in tangible assets is that many companies now hold a lot of assets that are patents or IP.  Knowledge is power in today’s economy, and therefore, that knowledge has an ever increasing value.

 Why Are IP Valuations Important?

  • Evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Identifying and prioritizing assets
  • Having all the necessary information to make informed financial decisions about IP maintenance, commercialization and sales
  • Valuing the prospects of technology before putting money into research and development
  • Prioritizing research projects based on value

Intellectual property is made valuable by a number of different factors, ranging from market share and entry barriers to growth projections and economic life.  In order to provide the highest quality work, you must have a deep understanding of those various parameters and that is what our team is able to provide.  Here at LehmanBrown our teams are able to provide the highest level of quality and accuracy when it comes to intellectual property valuations.

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