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Valuation Services

Business valuation services are used to assess the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business by estimating what a company is worth in terms of assets and liabilities. Valuation services may be necessary for investment analysis, capital budgeting and mergers and acquisitions, so are particularly relevant to shareholders, business partners and investors.

At LehmanBrown we understand the need for reliability with regard to the value of corporate assets, but also with the accounting method itself. We strive to offer a thorough, detailed and trusted valuation of your company by analysing its financial statements in accordance with GAAP principles. Our qualified analysts can determine the market value, fair value and intrinsic value of your company’s tangible and intangible assets, complying with International Valuation Standards.

Lehman Brown’s valuation advisory services can facilitate buy-sell agreements. Our qualified analysts can recommend to you a sale price, calculate the value of intangible assets, and resolve disputes related to estate taxation, estate contest or divorce litigation.

An audit report from Lehman Brown incorporates risks, opportunities, and economic conditions specific to your business’s experiences and aspirations, to provide a broad report of what your company is worth in the global market.

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