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Specialist Accounting & Risk Management

Specialist Accounting & Risk Management

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In an era of increasing globalisation, accounting has become far more complex than basic bookkeeping or tallying. Accounting has become a speciality in which it is increasingly difficult for in-house operations to meet requirements. There exists a myriad of global standards, shifting requirements and complex regulatory procedures that need to be met by cross border businesses.

Our Specialist Accounting & Risk Management Department
Our Specialist Accounting & Risk Management Department is divided into the below categories:

Internal Controls 
GAAP, SEC & IFRS Compliance 

We provide these services across our network of offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong to support and add value to businesses and clients.

Why Choose LehmanBrown?
Having a firm that you can trust to meet your needs, that has significant expertise allowing it to stand firm against all tests, will ensure your peace of mind. At LehmanBrown, we strive to offer you just that and are dedicated to achieving your targets.

Internal Controls 
LehmanBrown’s advisory takes a proactive approach in helping to establish or strengthen internal controls. We accomplish this by generating a framework of internal controls based on a controlled environment, risk assessment, monitoring and reviewing, and information and communication.

We are able to offer our experience in systems solutions and implementation, assisting companies through their entire system’s development. LehmanBrown can assist you in assessing existing financial risks and providing the most appropriate treasury management strategy in order to face such risks head-on, while still adapting to your individual business needs. Our expertise in SOX 404 compliance can also enable you to ensure full complicity for your audit process with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

GAAP, SEC & IFRS Compliance  
LehmanBrown is able to provide our specialist accounting expertise to meet the needs of our clients with GAAP, SEC and IFRS systems requirements. We are able to provide support such as financial statement preparation, public company compliance, conversion to GAAP and the repackaging of accounts. Our team has a wealth of experience working with entities utilising US GAAP and those using GAAP from other jurisdictions, we are experienced in the preparation of IFRS financial statements and are able to offer assistance on all levels in assuring compliance with SEC for public companies.

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Further Resources for Your Business
You can find out more about the full scope of our Special Risk & Accounting Management Services throughout this section of our website and via the FAQ resources.


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