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Company Taxation (CIT) in China

Company Taxation (CIT) filing and reporting in China is never a pleasant task for companies, but unfortunately it has to be done and cannot be disregarded, for legal purposes. Whether you are a local investor or foreign investor in China, every company has to comply with China Company Taxation (CIT) regulations and its accounting standards (CAS). Tax planning is vital when doing business in China due to the constant changes in corporate tax regulations. LehmanBrown offers extensive tax planning and encourages the ideology that a company must be commercially viable and balanced to yield tax efficiencies and mitigate the risk of challenge to your company by the tax authorities. Our experts ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations and will optimize your business to be tax efficient across the various regions in China. As different offices in different regions have different interpretations regarding tax regulations released by the central government, we can enable you to navigate the complexities involved.

Our Expertise

At LehmanBrown, our clients have the opportunity to experience our taxation services including developing tax-optimisation structures, tax restructuring for mergers and acquisitions, and negotiating with tax authorities for a suitable preparation and submission of tax returns.

We have vast knowledge of transfer pricing policies in line with both corporate international strategy and in compliance with Chinese tax regulations, in order to limit overall tax exposure for multinational companies.

Our years of experience of the Chinese accounting standards has given us profound expertise in Company Taxation (CIT), Taxation Audit, Tax Compliance, Tax Due Diligence and Tax Refund Application.

Due to our extensive network of international professional services firms, we are able to assist companies in effectively structuring off-shore enterprises, which may be taxed more freely in that region.

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