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US & Overseas Personal Income Tax Planning & Filing

As an expatriate living in China, it is important to fully understand and comply with China tax regulations and their relationship to your country of domicile.

Personal Income Tax Planning and Filing
Regardless of where you live now, being a United States citizen requires you to file a yearly tax return with the IRS. Green card holders and all US citizens are required to file a US return, no matter where they live, as long as their income (earned in-US and abroad) is just over $9,000. In addition, there are numerous exemptions and tax credits ranging from housing expenses to foreign taxes. Thankfully, LehmanBrown is here to provide a quick and easy solution to such difficulties for US expatriates residing in China or US companies liable to US tax compliance forces.

Overseas Personal Income Tax Planning & Filing
The advantageous treatment of certain benefits in kind, annual bonus, pre and post-assignment bonuses, as well as entry and exit dates of Mainland China can significantly reduce an expatriate’s IIT liabilities. However this requires proper planning before the individual takes up employment in Mainland China, and will require a review of the expatriate’s employment contract.

At LehmanBrown we offer access to tax specialists who have extensive experience in dealing with China, US & overseas IIT planning & filling. Furthermore our years of foreign IIT experience have brought us strong knowledge about US GAAP, IFRS and others GAAP accounting standards. In addition, our team is aware of local laws that could be beneficial for your Personal Income Tax planning & filing.

To make an enquiry, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com. For information about the US & Overseas Personal Income Tax Planning & Filing services LehmanBrown can offer, please see the relevant webpages.


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