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In January 2008, China’s new Labour Contract Law came into force. The result of this is that employing staff in China is becoming more and more complicated, even to a greater extent if you operate a nationwide business. There are regulations for wages that all have specific terms, which consider creating mandatory welfare payments along with an employee’s education level that are themselves regionally dependent. China payroll services provided by LehmanBrown can provide companies with the security that they are operating the HR function of their business compliantly.

Components of Workers Wages
Workers’ wages generally include pay on time basis, pay on piecework basis, bonuses, allowances and subsidies, over-time pay, and other payment for special duties. The following must be provided, but not included in an employee’s wages:

  • Social insurance and welfare benefits, such as bereavement, poverty relief, and paid by the employer to individual staff
  • Labour protection-related benefits, such as allowances on: work clothes, detoxification agents and refreshing drinks
  • Other labour remuneration not listed in the total payroll according to relevant regulations.

The Labour Law provides a minimum wage requirement, which is determined at a provincial level. The Regulations on Minimum Wages require all provinces, autonomous regions, and directly administered municipalities to set minimum wage standards and report them to the Ministry. Employers must also deduct and withhold employee individual income tax, social security and related payments.

Adding another layer of complexity is constant revision of the minimum wage level and welfare by the Chinese Government on an almost yearly basis. In light of the new labour law, demand for professional, in-country payroll services is growing. LehmanBrown is here to help you with this. We offer professional, quick and highly reliable accounting practices to take away the stress of following payroll regulation thus allowing you to focus on sales and growth. Our associates can help you with:

  1. China Payroll Processing Setup
  2. Hiring Expatriate Employees in China
  3. Hiring Local Employees in China
  4. Accounting & Bookkeeping in China

To make an enquiry, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com. For information about China Payroll Services LehmanBrown can offer, please see the relevant WebPages.