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Finance Manager Function

Many businesses in China have gained benefits from outsourcing the Finance Manager function of their business. The financial activities of a firm are among the most complex and important activities in the business operation. It follows, therefore, that a Finance Manager ensures all the requisite financial activities are performed to ensure survival, profitability and growth of the enterprise. Applying general management practices to financial resources is known as Financial Management. It is paramount for the Finance Manager to remain level-headed to ensure monetary funds are allocated and utilized in the most efficient manner.  There are four main roles that a Financial Manager must perform:

  1.  Raising of Funds
    2.    Allocation of Funds
    3.    Profit Planning
    4.    Understanding Capital Markets.

Given the variety of roles, decisions made by a Finance Manager can directly and indirectly influence other managerial activities. For example, once funds have been raised through a range of channels, they must be allocated accordingly to ensure the firm is running optimally. Depending on the areas prioritized for investment, profitability can fluctuate. Therefore, having a variety of assets and proper allocation of funds are among the most important activities.

How Can LehmanBrown support with Financial Management Services?

LehmanBrown can provide accurate accounting data to the Finance Manager, in order for them to aid them in making the best decisions for the future of the enterprise. Furthermore, by providing key information about specific factors effecting the profitability and financial situation of an enterprise, target areas for action are made obvious to the Finance Manager. Through years of experience, LehmanBrown has acquired knowledge in a wide array of methods in corporate financing and therefore can tailor financing strategies individually to each company’s needs, ensuring the business operates efficiently.

Being the Finance Manager is a stressful task, but a close relationship with a reputable company like LehmanBrown can reduce the level of uncertainty regarding your financial data. LehmanBrown can assist Finance Managers with the following aspects of Financial Management in your business:

  •  CFO Services
    •    Treasury Management
    •    China Payroll Services
    •    Accounting and Bookkeeping
    •    Restructuring Debt
    •    Freeing up Capital
    •    Decreasing Expenses
    •    Creating and sustaining relationships with capital providers
    •    Financial Ratios
    •    Dividends Distributions

To make an enquiry or to learn more about our Financial Management Services in China, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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