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Outsourcing CFO Services in China

Many companies investing into China are finding that their internal departments, including finance, are too small to generate the critical volume and efficiency that is demanded by an effective business strategy. In order to play a key role in the company’s development, the CFO needs to have a deep understanding of the business environment in which the company is operating. This is particularly important in the Chinese market, which is characterized by constantly evolving laws and complex regulations.

Many companies, however, lack experienced senior professionals to assist in strategy and overall financial health. In China, the CFO has to face rapid decision-making, sometimes without the benefits of data. For this reason, we provide CFO services to support essential decision-making for companies whether SMEs or multi-national.

China continues to evolve and grow, making the value of CFOs to enterprises ever more significant but also increasingly recognized. As companies grow and evolve, the need for well-trained and well-rooted professionals that understand finance, accounting, compliance and risk become more important as the scale of decisions intensifies.

Through LehmanBrown’s CFO services, we can offer flexible, proven experience in this area, essential in order to evaluate and process all the information coming from respective sources. Our experience, along with our ability to balance financial stability with rapid decision-making allows us to acquire the analytical and communication skills, the commercial acumen and the global business mind-set necessary to provide the best CFO services possible.

LehmanBrown International Accountants’ CFO services team is extremely heterogeneous, being formed by people presenting knowledge in different sectors. This enables us to provide a high standard across a variety of industries and assist companies in development strategies for many different operations.

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