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Secondment & Temping Services

Cost saving and workforce flexibility have always been two of the key objectives that businesses want to achieve. Because of this, companies usually choose to keep the number of employees at a minimum level at ordinary times; and recruit short-term staffs to fill temporary staff shortages when they face busy business seasons, take on large contracts and experience sudden changes in employee turnover.

However, when companies attempt to recruit short-term staffs they are exposed to the following risks:

  • Legal risk: Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) that are unfamiliar with the Chinese labour law, contract law and related legislation can possibly practice illegal activities and experience unexpected losses when hiring and managing short-term staffs. Common errors include:
    • Sign unfair contract prepared by temp agencies;
    • Execute illegal labour practices, such as not providing staff welfare designated by law;
    • Perform illegal tax activities regarding temporary staffs’ Personal Income Tax due to companies’ unfamiliarity with local taxation policies.
  • The risk of having disqualified staffs:Companies may also hire disqualified workers without noticing the problem, and result in poor business performance and reputation damage of the enterprise.

LehmanBrown International Accountants can help companies avoid the above risks by providing secondment and temping  services to our clients. In the event of covering a maternity placement, taking on a large contract without headcount approval from head office, or simply being short staffed in your finance or HR department, LehmanBrown is able to support your business with our highly experienced, trustworthy and professional staffs. Further, companies can eliminate legal risk by acquiring our secondment and temping services. LehmanBrown as a well-known accounting firm, has in-depth knowledge about Chinese legislations and will ensure our clients meet local hiring requirements and are protected.

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