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Labour Law Advisory

Getting strong legal advisory in China is fundamental to the growth of your business. In 2008, China enacted the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. Although it has been more than a couple of years, this is still pertinent to the labour landscape in China. Some companies have supported this and some have not. Although it has raised operating costs for some companies, it has also worked to improve contracts and conditions. Our professionals are trained to understand and also stay up to date on changes in legislation. In 2013, when the law was amended, we were able to immediately take these changes in the law and provide our expertise to our clients.

Understanding China labour law is vital to the success of your business. They are dynamic and in order to understand China Labour Law, it is important to analyze the relationships not only between the employee and employer, but also the government and possible unions. These relationships aren’t the same for every company. Regardless of size or whether the business is domestic or international, LehmanBrown’s professionals have vast experience in resolving labour problems and can help business in problems regarding labour law.

Labour laws are complex and, importantly, personal to your staff. Management of labour, where quality labour is a precious resource, can be an exceedingly tricky balancing act between the potentially competing wants of employees and the employer.

Disputes over work place practices, potential discrimination, unfair actions, internal conflicts, mistreatment and many other areas can be a timely and costly avenue that a company may get lost down. Having a seasoned representative by your side can not only increase efficiency and decrease wastefulness, but also motivate employees

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