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Review & Preparation of Joint Venture Contracts

Joint Ventures (JV) can be carried out in various methods, but always for the purpose of commercial collaboration between two or more unrelated parties where they are able to pool, exchange or integrate some of their resources. There are many reasons to undertake a joint venture, such as carrying out a particular project, assisting with growth, the continuation of a business or a delegation of the risk of a project between parties. A key advantage of undertaking a joint venture is the opportunity for mutual gain  while remaining independent.

Our LehmanBrown team is able to help you through this process by working with your company to review and prepare the necessary documentation for a joint venture.  Our professionals work with you to understand what your specific objectives in the joint venture you are entering and find ways that you can maximize the benefits. While working on joint venture contracts, a crucial step is doing proper due diligence on the partner company. Our professionals are also able to aide in that process in order to make you more confident before entering the process.

Being meticulous is vital for reviewing joint venture documents. Our professionals have experience helping a variety of different companies. This enables our teams to be able to spot possible weaknesses in the contracts. Some of these contracts can take years to develop and when our professionals review them we ensure that these contracts will provide the best opportunities for your company. Our professionals also have a deep understanding of the Chinese laws involved with joint ventures.  With different rules and regulations pertaining to international joint ventures, we work to make sure that we are completing your goals.

To make an enquiry concerning the review and preparation of JV documents, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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