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Litigation Support

As the global economy continues to fluctuate, the pressure to cut costs increases, as do workplace demands. This causes the potential for matters of litigation to increase exponentially. Although companies will often try to avoid litigation, it is sometimes a necessary and unavoidable process. Our litigation support services involve LehmanBrown’s professionals stepping in and helping you navigate the process by providing technical and strategic support. These litigations can accumulate a lot of data and often it is best to engage professionals in sorting the data and providing support to increase effectiveness of your case in court.

LehmanBrown has undertaken hundreds of engagements involving the use of accounting data. Many of these have occurred within the context of litigation; others relate to regulatory investigations, valuations, or other matters. Our litigation support team is able to compile the data collected before and during the litigation, and analyze it. Through a thorough process, our professionals are able to aide in preparation for expert testimony in court and alternative dispute resolution avenues. In addition to technical support, we provide strategic support to our clients. Some companies do not have much litigation experience; therefore, our professionals are able to help create a strategy, with the support of data analysis, in order to increase success in the courtroom.

Attention to detail is always important for litigations. Our experienced accountants are skilled beyond just being able to analyze the data. They are able to interpret it, which allows LehmanBrown to support you in the court room. By having professionals that not only care to aide in an efficient litigation process, but also have vast amongst of experience allow for a smooth process. All cases are handled with care as we understand these can be sensitive to your business.

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