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Labour Tribunal Assistance & Advisory

Disputes with employees can be difficult to handle, due to workplace disturbances as well as the potential litigation and mediation that might follow. It is not rare for companies to run into these types of problems and it is important for these situations not to get out of hand as they can lead to greater issues. In order for a company to continue functioning effectively, these problems must be taken care of in a clean and professional manner, which is by labour tribunal.

Throughout these processes it will often be best to bring in a professional to help with the process as this can be a sensitive issue. LehmanBrown is here to act on your behalf in both an advisory role and by offering practical assistance when issues take place. Our professionals have worked with many different companies throughout China and having these experiences allows our well-rounded professionals to be able to provide you with effective solutions.

At any point during the process, you will have a qualified professional by your side. They are fully committed to your business challenge, not only as a resource but as someone to provide their professional opinion on the issue. By taking the time to understand the business and getting to know the client we are able to more efficiently solve the problem. In the situation whereby litigation occurs after this process, our professionals can still provide additional support.

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