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Review & Preparation of Repatriation Agreements

Repatriation agreements deal with the return of persons, objects or currency to their country of origin. However, this is a little different than deportation because that is when someone is forcibly removed from a place. The repatriation agreement is not limited to immigration. It also pertains to foreign employees in the event he or she leaves the employer’s service. Either way, it is important for companies to have the proper documentation completed in order to ensure a smooth repatriation process.

The most important part of a company is its people. Getting people to and from your company plays an important role in its success.  At LehmanBrown our team works closely with you to understand your personal needs. While we review and prepare the proper documentation for you and your employees, we work to ensure that they reflect your goals.

With experience working with different companies around China, we are able to stay up to date on current rules and legislation which could affect your individual situation.

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