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Budgeting & Forecasting

In the often-cloudy market of China, foresight and control over budgeting & forecasting are cornerstones of business success. Accurate financial modelling is a key feature in supporting companies to reach their goals by predicting new developments and aiding growth strategy. Through effective preparation of budgets and forecasts, using our experience and expertise, LehmanBrown can enable you to effectively plan your business strategy.

Budgeting and forecasting is an important component of financial success. In a business sense, it consists of planning the allocation of available funds and resources to each department within a company. Budgeting allows executives to control overspending in less productive areas and put more company assets into areas which generate significant income. In addition, those who learn to establish a workable budget and keep within it during more profitable periods have a greater chance of surviving during more challenging financial times than those who don’t, especially if operating a company with a seasonal business cycle.

LehmanBrown will work efficiently to prepare budgeting models that will help attain financial targets. In our team, we have highly-experienced accountants and financial experts who can provide you the best budgeting solutions for your company. Using a top-down approach to budgeting, we can enable you to reach budgets that are both structured and balanced.

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