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China Tax Controversy Service

tax controversy Service is incredibly important in creating an environment where you and your company feel you are best represented and will get a thorough and honest look at your current tax situation.  Tax audits in general are to ensure that a company is complying with the local region’s tax code.  The tax system in China is complicated and often times difficult for foreigners to understand. So by employing a tax representative to help with the process, you will now have an expert to help you navigate the difficult tax code.

Often corporate tax audits are focused on the validity or appropriateness of tax treatments on specific items that may result in a material tax impact.  Having a representative who understands what an auditor is after is important for ensuring that the audit will go smoothly and efficiently.

From an internal perspective, tax audits are important to make sure you and your company meet strict government requirements. Tax audits can also help remove inefficiencies from your current tax structure.  Externally, tax audits show the world that your company is efficient and effective and that the profits that you’re reporting can actually be trusted.  Trust is a valuable asset in today’s rapidly changing market and should never be undervalued.

LehmanBrown provides China tax controversy service that you can trust to do a thorough and honest job whilst aiming to achieve the best for your company, which can mean so much to both your current operations as well as the future stability of your business.  We operate at the highest levels of professionalism to ensure that the quality of our work is up to your high standards and that you are well represented for a tax audit.

To make an enquiry about our China Tax Controversy Service, please email enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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