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Specialist Accounting & Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management in China’s financial sector is rapidly increasing and emerging from other business practices and products, while expanding to international industries.  Several entities desire to enhance and improve the functionality of their risk management operations.

Corporate treasury management in China is complex but since the country’s World Trade Organization (WTO) accession, companies are gradually starting to benefit from improvements in the system. China is able to trade easily with other countries, providing better risk management services and international commerce, ensuring the profitability of entities and the meeting of their objectives.

China’s dynamic and rapidly developing business environment requires careful management of your company. Currency risk currently represents a considerable threat to foreign companies operating in China since the RMB is non-convertible on the capital account. LehmanBrown recognizes that managing any such potential risks is essential in order to minimize future cash flow problems and provide for careful financial planning and forecasting.

How can LehmanBrown help?

LehmanBrown is able to assist companies in setting up effective strategies for overcoming the many regulations and laws that hinder the smooth running of treasury operations in China. Since efficient treasury management also encompasses banking relationships, LehmanBrown can advise foreign companies on how recent reform to the country’s banking system alters the way companies in China should approach their treasury operations.

We can also assist you in assessing existing financial risks and in implementing the most appropriate treasury management strategy in order to face such risks head on, while still adapting to your individual business needs.

For more information on LehmanBrown’s Risk Management, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.


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