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M&A Integration

In the dynamic global market, companies continue to use Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) to expand into emerging markets. Integration involves the process of combining two companies into one entity at every unit. Understanding the different requirements and coordinating a cohesive approach across multiple jurisdictions are crucial to a successful global strategy and M&A Integration.

Mergers and Acquisitions have grown significantly in China in recent years. This fast growth in M&A in China can be attributed to economic reforms and China’s accession to the WTO, which opened up the doors of foreign investment to various industry sectors.

The Chinese government plays an important role in regulating M&A activities in China, which need to be reviewed and approved by the relevant authorities. Government agencies regulating Mergers and Acquisitions in China are:

–    The Ministry of Commerce: it regulates foreign investment in China and has the authority to supervise and approve mergers and acquisitions.

–    The State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC): this agency supervises the restructuring of public sector firms and also approves foreign investment. Thus foreign firms investing in mergers or acquisitions are required to get approval from the SDRC.

–    The State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC): it supervises mergers and acquisitions of enterprises owned by the state.

–    The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC): The CSRC monitors the capital markets of China and plays an important role in merger and acquisition transactions.

How can LehmanBrown support with M&A Integration Services?

By conducting thorough organization-wide business evaluations and integration reviews, LehmanBrown is able to gain a full understanding of what is required to bring entities together and to achieve optimal synergies for companies engaging in M&A and ultimately, to ensure successful M&A Integration.

From identifying potential cost savings and integration opportunities to formulating a corporate culture where staffs are encouraged to embrace change, we provide a top-down assessment of key points. Whilst disputes infighting and self-interested parties prolong many mergers and acquisitions, LehmanBrown can offer unbiased advice on how best to drive through corporate change and complete the integration process.

To make an enquiry or to learn more about the M&A Integration Services in China that LehmanBrown offer, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com


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