As China has implemented VAT reforms on 1 May 2016 with VAT replacing the previous business tax in industries including construction, real estate, finance and consumer services. Russell Brown OBE, founder and managing partner of LehmanBrown International Accountants, will deliver the MasterClass training–Minimising Tax and Maximising Returns in China by analysing the latest tax rules, transfer pricing and corporate restructuring, and giving some suggestions on investment in China.

The training is for entrepreneurs, financial manager and professional staff who works in financial industry.

Schedule (6 hours)

1. China Enterprise Income Tax Law

  • Tax resident and permanent establishment
  • Dividend withholding tax and holding company
  • Thin capitalisation rule: tax versus business
  • Tax incentives
  • Transitional period and grandfathering relief

2. Cross-border charges

  • PRC tax implications: Business tax, Enterprise Income Tax and other
  • Foreign exchange restrictions and procedures
  • Possible planning for remittances

3. China Transfer Pricing

  • Special features of China Transfer Pricing Audits
    • An update of Chinese Transfer Pricing Regulations
    • “Dos and Don’ts” when managing transfer pricing audits in China
    • Emerging TP issues in China
  • Advance Pricing Arrangement (APA) in China – regulations and practice
  • Efficient tax structure for your business operations in China
  • Transfer pricing as a regional planning tool

4. Taxation on Corporate Restructuring

  • Common forms of restructuring
  • Business requirements and constraints
  • Latest changes: tax-free restructure not guaranteed
  • Common pitfalls

5. Understanding & Managing VAT in China

  • Updates on China VAT reform
  • VAT-able and non VAT-able objects
  • VAT special invoices
  • VAT related concessions
  • VAT refund regime

6. Profit Repatriation and Foreign Exchange Issues

  • Overview on remittance of trade and non-trade items
  • Common techniques of profit repatriation
  • Potential tax consequences and planning opportunities
  • Tax clearance requirement

7. Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Structure for Your Investment

  • Business entity options for foreign investors
  • Routing of investments through an offshore company
  • Available investment incentives
  • Free trade zones
  • Anti-Tax Avoidance Provisions and Double Tax Treaties

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