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20th September, 2014

LehmanBrown sponsors ACCA Job Hunting Competition 2014

LehmanBrown International Accountants is once again delighted to support the ACCA as a valued ACCA Job Hunting Competition sponsor. This year, LehmanBrown is honored to be both Internship Sponsor and Career Consultation Sponsor.

Kiran Patel, Marketing & Communications Director of LehmanBrown has been invited as the trainer for the JHC short listed candidates.

LehmanBrown International Accountants was nominated as ACCA Beijing’s first Platinum Approved Employer, and is a continued supporter of ACCA activities.

The ACCA Job Hunting Competition is a nationwide competition held by ACCA in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In 2013, over 5,500 University students in these 5 regions registered to participate in the campaign, covering nearly all major universities in China.

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