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16th August, 2017
Aug 16-18, 2017
LehmanBrown Beijing Office

LehmanBrown Partnered with EAIB to Provide Three Days Professional Training for ACCA Students

On the 16th, 17th and 18th August 2017, LehmanBrown International Accountants have teamed up with East Asia International (东亚国际) (EAIB) to carry out three days of training and internship for EAIB’s ACCA students. Our HR department has put tremendous efforts into event preparation and organisation, to make these three days of professional experience meaningful and enjoyable for the students.

On the first day, EAIB’s students attended the training provided jointly by LehmanBrown and EAIB. Our partners and managers from different departments have prepared presentations to tell the students the most realistic industrial insights about accounting and other relevant fields, to help them have a better understanding of related knowledge from a professional point of view.

On the second day, the students were given a chance to have one day’s internship in the department of their choices. Through one day’s professional experience, the students were able to interact with LehmanBrown’s managers and associated colleagues and participate in different working teams to face real business situations. Although one-day internship might be a short period, it surely can be a valuable experience to the students. More importantly, the students could discover their strengths and areas of improvement through the internship and develop new skills from the working tasks given to them.


The last day of training involved students’ evaluation based on their performance over the previous two days. Students reflected on their performance and shared their thoughts about the training and the internship. And the students with the best-evaluated performance were given the award of internship offer by LehmanBrown. LehmanBrown aims to provide the professional platform for students and offer excellent opportunities to improve their skills and enrich their experiences.


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