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14th April, 2020

COVID-19 Webinar: Avoiding a Cash-Flow Calamity and Managing Business Risk

Register today to our webinar on Managing Pandemic Cash-Flow Calamity and Business Risk, on April 14th, hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce in China, and presented by Russell Brown OBE, the Managing Partner of LehmanBorwn International Accountants.

To register email Benedetta Borri at bborri@europeanchamber.com.cn by April 13th, COB, the event is for EUCCC members Only. You will receive a confirmation email containing the link to join the meeting via Zoom after registration closes on the 13th.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic slowdown, businesses in China have faced exceptional difficulties in keeping their operations going while looking for solutions to their financial woes. At this meeting, Russell Brown OBE will discuss how companies, regardless of size, can manage their finances to outlive the pandemic and avoid short-term cuts or ill-informed strategies.

The presentation will look into all aspects of cash-flow management, from the procedures necessary for making a forecast to the proper administration of a business balance sheet. The presentation will also touch upon business risk and government assistance during these trying times. By the end of the meeting, participants will possess the knowledge whereby they can make effective decisions about their business’ cash flow:

  • Cash-flow Trends
  • Essential Procedures for Effective Cash-flow Forecasting
  • Avoiding Inaccurate Forecasting
  • Managing the Balance Sheet
  • Shrinking Business Expenditures
  • Proper Management of Receivables
  • Tightening or Downsizing and Government Assistance
  • Business Risk

16:00-16:05 Opening Remarks and Introduction

16:05-16:45 Presentation by Russell Brown OBE, Managing Partner, LehmanBrown International Accountants

16:45-16:55 Q&A

16:55-17:00 Closing Remarks

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