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Key Details

7th November, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
60 Cecil Street ISCA House Singapore 049709

Comprehensive Guide to Accounting & Taxation in China

Programme Objective

Despite a slowing down of its economy, China is still one of the most attractive FDI location in the world. As the Chinese economy undergoes structural changes, there is an increasing need for investors to gain insight knowledge of China’s current accounting practices, tax structure and reforms so as to maximize their investment returns. In this two-day workshop, our distinguished trainer will update you on the latest changes in Chinese GAAP and changes to the tax regime. Participants can tap on their extensive tax knowledge to navigate and minimize taxes in China.

Programme Overview

The 3 courses TAX225E, TAX225aE and TAX225bE are a series of Tax courses intended to provide an in-depth view of the tax regime in China.

  • TAX225aE covers the Accounting Standards, Enterprise Income Tax Law, Taxation on Corporate Restructuring and Transfer Pricing in China. For more details on this 1-day programme, please click here
  • TAX225bE covers Withholding Tax, VAT, Employee Taxation, Profit Repatriation & Foreign Exchange Issues and Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Structure for Your Investment in China. For more details on this 1-day programme, please click here
  • TAX225E is a 2-day programme combining the above two courses. For more details, please click here

Intended For

Managing Directors, General Managers, CFOs, Regional Directors, Financial Controllers, Tax Professionals, Legal Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Regional Accountants, Investors in China

For more details, please visit: https://eservices.isca.org.sg/courseDetail?courseMasterId=a0g0K000007aEgrQAE

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