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20th May, 2020

China Risks with Remote Teams and no Direct Oversight

With China closing the borders to all foreign nationals, companies are resorting to managing a business in China remotely or via a trusted representative. However, such a situation creates a dangerous environment where your company can be most at risk. Russel Brown OBE, from Lehman Brown, CPA firm, will talk discuss how best to avert your business in China from being affected by any potential risks. Kimberly Kirkendall of IRD will show the best practices for how to manage your suppliers and customers to mitigate payment, shipment, and IP risks.

The critical points of the webinar aim to assist businesses in avoiding any unwanted further disruptions altogether and maintain control without direct oversight, covering but not limited to:

  • What are the risks to your organization with reduced oversight?  –  Your company relies on your home office team’s ability to travel to visit your operation in China – what risks are elevated now that you can’t?
  • How to enact checks and balances that can catch fraud? – Are you using best practices to manage cash, control the purchasing function, inventory?
  • What procedures and systems should you implement to decrease the risk of fraud? – Our speakers will share their experience with hundreds of companies who have made mistakes and improved their systems.
  • Example of indirect/unplanned errors and risks of fraud –  We will look at some of the examples of where fraud and misallocation of assets commonly happens.

Sign up today to the webinar on May 20th at 9am US Eastern time (1pm UK and Ireland, 2pm Europe and 9pm China time). You can register by clicking here.

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