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China VISA Services for Expatriates

China Visa Services: Application, Alteration, and Renewal for Expatriate and Family Members

Visas are required for expatriates working in or moving to China with Foreign Invested Enterprises along with their accompanying family members. Prior to their departure, expatriates need to apply for a visa at a Chinese diplomatic mission, embassy, consulate or other representatives in foreign countries authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese visa processes are known for being notoriously difficult to complete. Immigration procedures are carried out at a local level, and each locality has a unique structure. This means that expats who apply for a work permit in China will need to fulfill different requirements depending on the area they will be working. After entering the country with their Z Visa, an expat should apply for work and residence permits for China as soon as possible after their arrival.

Although there are differences between each city’s immigration and labour processes, there are a few standard requirements that expat employees will need to comply with:

  • A ‘Z Visa’ needs to be obtained prior to arrival in China.
  • The work permit application has to be sponsored by a locally registered company in China.
  • The individual needs to live and work in the same region as their sponsoring company.
  • A medical examination is required.

To obtain a “Z” visa at the local embassy prior to arrival in China, the PRC employer should first provide the following documents to the expatriate to support their application:

  • Employment Approval Letter – The employer needs to apply for this document at the Local Labour Bureau.
  • Employment Visa Notification Letter – You can apply for this at the local office of the Foreign Trade and Economic Commission by the employer.

A ‘Residence Permit’ application for foreign staff requires the following:

  • Employment License Application.
  • Invitation Letter Application.
  • Work Permit Application.
  • Residence Permit Application.

A residence visa application for family members requires:

  • An Invitation Letter application.
  • A Residence Permit application.

At LehmanBrown, through our China Visa Services, we can aid you with all the required paperwork, from helping to arrange invitation letters to official employment licenses from the Chinese authorities. At LehmanBrown we go further, helping our clients get resident permits, which as an expatriate is a legal requirement while working in China.

To make an enquiry, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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