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Company Ownership Transferring/ Corporate Restructuring

Change always takes in the workplace and can affect the future of any business or entity. Company ownership transferring/Corporate Restructuring implies a change, local or foreign, in the ownership of a business. Transfer of ownership may happen if an owner sells his business or provide another entity with the control of a certain part of the business.

Corporate restructuring service can involve making dramatic changes to a business. It entails any fundamental change in the company’s financial structure, which is designed to increase its value. This course of action can lead to positive influences on the business in the future and increase its number of stakeholders/shareholders, especially if there are significant problems that may put the firm in jeopardy.

LehmanBrown helps our clients to process the ownership transferring registration from a domestic to another domestic company or overseas owner to another overseas owner. We also help our clients with merging domestic companies or company restructuring, providing the necessary advice for agreement drafting and government submission.

For more information on Company Ownership Transferring/Corporate Restructuring, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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