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Corporate Secretarial Services

LehmanBrown provides statutory corporate secretarial Services to our clients, taking the responsibility of maintaining and tracking a large volume of corporate documents. All companies must complete reporting/statutory obligations as it is a legal requirement. It is fair to say corporate compliance in China is complex. Our corporate secretarial services help you manage and avoid the risks of corporate non-compliance.

Any corporate non-compliance in China can lead to serious consequences such as fines, penalties and prosecution of the company and directors. We can ensure that your company’s filings are completed in a timely and proper manner. Our professional experience helps you to fulfil your statutory obligations and reduce the administrative burden your company would experience.

Our skilled team is happy to deal with any questions that you may have, as well as any other topics of company law that may arise. The services we provide include: keeping and safeguarding all the original government certificates, processing and filing certificates to third parties/clients/the government when necessary. This is done by sending renewal notices in advance to avoid any penalty, providing the latest government info, regulating the certificates.

LehmanBrown’s expert secretarial service is rooted in having trusted professionals and our wide international experience, which, ultimately, enables our clients’ businesses to flourish.

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