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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is essential and one of the most significant components to developing a growing and successful business. Maintaining a sufficient amount of cash for business purposes maximizes the opportunity for future progression. It allows companies to estimate how much cash there is if there are any shortfalls or surpluses, and what projected trends have been observed.

Profits are useless if not in liquid assets-form, which is why the supervision of cash flow is vital. Without the proper monitoring and management, entities are due to go into liquidation, lose their investments, and may have to invest in burrowing schemes to operate more proficiently.

Cash flow plans are projections, not exact figures, and give an idea of what an entity will look like in future years of business. They are calculated on either a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis including positive or negative cash flows.

It is important to get control of your cash flow and ensure that your situation is under control. Improving the management of your cash flow means reducing expenses, deferring the number of outflows, and accelerating the inflow of the business. In order for entities to have a growth in their cash flow, they should:

  • Collect receivables
  • Tighten credit requirements
  • Increase sales
  • Allow discounts
  • Secure loans

With a proven background in establishing cash flow management systems and processes for businesses, LehmanBrown can assist with cash flow planning of movement projects as well as standard cash flow management that can help your company achieve greater financial control with the concepts above.

LehmanBrown can assist clients in reaching goals of greater profitability and flexibility within their operations. Through our outsourcing facilities, we can eliminate the worry of account receivables, payables and payroll. Finally, LehmanBrown can also offer debt recovery services for organizations that are facing apparent ‘un-collectable collectables’.

For more information on LehmanBrown’s Cash Flow Management services, contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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