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Background & Credit Checking

Protecting your investments should be a priority. Background and credit checking are essential parts of the selection process for a company or business. It is important to understand a client or prospective client’s background, as this can help alleviate any risks that can be posed onto the business due to a financial deficiency on someone else’s part.

Implementing KYC ( know your customer) procedures are very important, as this will allow you to have a better understanding of who and what you are dealing with or performing business with. Here are a few steps of this procedure and how it should be carried out:

  1. Confirm the identity of your client. Are they a legitimate entity?
  2. Check their background. What is their credit history?
  3. Leverage the information you find. Is it accurate?

Although this can be a timely procedure, we are here to help and perform strategically in every approach. LehmanBrown is able to help our clients research the potential partners or competitors about their company registration status and financial status as well as some legal/credit issues.

For more information on LehmanBrown’s Credit and Background Check services, please contact us at enquiries@lehmanbrown.com

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