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Podcast • Transfer Pricing Demystified

Transfer Pricing reports are essential now more than ever as the governments of the world are reviewing companies to make sure they are getting their share of the taxes. This also includes businesses operating in China.

Listen to the podcast or read the recap for the “Transfer Pricing Dimistified” webinar with host Kimberly Kirkendall from the China Resource Network and Russell Brown OBE Managing Partner of LehmanBrown international.

Read the full seminar recap here

The webinar covers:

  • What methods are used?
  • What do companies need to do (including whether they really need an expensive analysis)?
  • How can companies avoid being audited or fined?

To be prepared for the eventual Tax Bureaux investigation and to find out how long it would take to set up a Transfer pricing report, you can feel free to get in touch with our experts via email enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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