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“How to Close a Company in China?” in Chinese • First Chinese Podcast

It is quite a complicated and time-consuming process to close a company In China, especially during the current economic turmoil, therefore, we invites Mr. Dickson Leung, Senior Partner of LehmanBrown to share his experience in “How to Close a Company in China?”

During the podcast, Dickson talks about the process of closing down a WFOE in China and offers us some practical suggestions on the preparation and challenges during the execution according to his experience in helping clients close their companies.

Below is the Episode Breakdown. You can skip to the specific topics you’re interested in.

“How to Close a Company in China?” Episode Breakdown

  • My company has a plan to close the down the WFOE in China, what is the process of deregistration in China and how long will the process be completed? – (00:37)
  • Any plans or actions need to be done before the execution of the deregistration? -(1:58)
  • My company has 30 staff in China. How complicated to terminate all the staff? – (3:42)
  • How can we calculate the severance payment in accordance with China Labour Law? -(5:58)
  • I understand there are many government bureaus need to be deregistered, in particular tax bureaus. What advice or suggestions should be given to the company who has a plan to deregister? – (6:54)

If you have any more questions or need assistance with closing a company in China,  please email us at  enquiries@lehmanbrown.com.

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