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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CST

中国的招聘与雇佣:中国劳动法指南 (网络研讨会)

Having an understanding of the labour laws of any country is essential for conducting business with or within that country. China is no exception: regardless of the perception you might have about how business is done in China, the labour laws are often in favour of the employee’s rights. This is not to imply that businesses have no power over decisions regarding their employees, but rather to show that employees in China are treated better in comparison with other high GDP countries in many situations. Perhaps this contrasts with many preconceived notions about unfair employee treatment in China.

To enhance your understanding of this fundamental area, we are delighted to invite one of our longest-serving partners, LehmanBrown International Accountants, a China focused accounting, taxation and business advisory firm with operations and a team of dedicated professionals throughout Mainland China and Hong Kong.

This webinar will set out and cover in detail the following points:

  • Examine and review latest Updates of China’s Labour Law.
  • Best Practices for both ‘Hiring & Firing’ staff based on LehmanBrown’s client experiences working within the Labour Law framework.
  • Understand the employment regulatory environment, pro-worker or pro-employer?
  • Specific information pertaining to; Set-up of the Contract and Employment Rules, Hiring as a Foreign Company, Terms of Contract, Probation Periods and Internships, Termination of Labour Contracts, managing conflict with employees and effective dispute resolution.
  • Terms of Compensation
  • Case Studies


To register for this webinar please click here. For further enquiries please contact us on events@lehmanbrown.com .