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Junior Accountant

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Sort out the customs declaration and issues invoices according to the customer’s purchase order number and product outbound order while ensuring payment is received timely. Send out a daily sales report and give feedback on sales data;
  2. According to the company’s financial management system, complete the accounts on receivable billing, accounting & cleaning;
  3. Be responsible for the management of accounts receivable aging analysis. According to the company’s bad debt policy, withdraw or write off bad debt;
  4. Complete the monthly summaries and submit AR reports to department head. Provide necessary solutions to issues that have arisen;
  5. According to the customer’s credit management policy, be responsible for customer data in addition, alteration, and preservation work, carried out on the customer credit risk control. Discover problems in timely manner and resolve it;
  6. According to the national & local fiscal and taxation policies, handling daily tax;
  7. Archive work in order of time;
  8. Be responsible for related information archiving.


  1. Over 3 years working experience in accounting or taxation;
  2. Good command of Microsoft Office software; familiar with financial and taxation theory and practice;
  3. Bachelor degree in finance or accounting;
  4. Able to understand and use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);
  5. Junior accountant certificate;
  6. Good at communicating with customers while interacting with colleagues in a positive manner.


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your CV to our HR department at beijingtalent@lehmanbrown.com. Please ensure the subject of your email includes: your name, the position you are applying for and the name of the department you wish to join.