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15th June, 2021
11 pm

How VAT Defines Prices from Suppliers (and customers) in China?

VAT is one of the most significant elements when trading in China, affecting all levels of a business’s operations. The webinar will begin on the 15th of June at 11 am EST (11pm Beijing), addressing how VAT works in China and how it affects all overseas companies trading with China from import to export while highlighting what to look out for.

Starting with establishing how much the company will pay for the imports from China and how a company should charge for exports.

Then understanding China’s ubiquitous VAT is used to influence the nation’s imports and exports to encourage or discourage industries, products, and exports. Other questions that will be answered are:

  • When do business owners consider VAT?
  • When they decide what price to charge?
  • When they plan for more domestic or more export sales?

Lastly, the webinar will factor into the presentation dealing with customs duties and tariffs when calculating the right price for your trade operations with China.

The webinar’s host will be Kim Kirkendall from China Resource Network, and the expert speaker will be Russell Brown OBE, Managing Partner of LehmanBrown International Accountants, with decades of experience facilitating overseas trade between China and the world.

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