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Senior Auditor


  1. Assist in the planning, determining the scope and execution of small- and medium-sized audit and non-audit engagements;
  2. Coordinating and requesting the financial records and materials from clients prior to commencement of engagements;
  3. Assist in curating a list of all company employees to be interviewed during the audit process;
  4. By working closely with the engagement manager, the SA assists in establishing the appropriate audit strategy after having considered the internal controls and audit risks of the client;
  5. Assist the engagement manager in assigning work to the junior team members;
  6. During the project, the SA shall act as the on-site liaison, responsible for proofreading all the materials received from client for accuracy;
  7. After consultation with the engagement manager, adapt the audit approach to the changing client environment;
  8. Direct the project on a daily basis, inform engagement manager about the work status and audit issues on timely manner and manage the performance of the junior team members. This should be done through reviewing their work and providing timely feedback/guidance during projects;
  9. Performing audits on key areas normally assigned to a SA, such as revenue, cost of goods sold and inventories;
  10. Contribute ideas/opinions to the audit team;
  11. Upon completion of an auditing project, the SA is responsible for preparing the documentation, as well as for following-up with the client on any outstanding matters and issues;
  12. The SA shall ensure that the time spent on the engagement is properly recorded by all the team members;
  13. Provide performance feedback and identify if team members need extra training, and conduct performance reviews.


  1. Bachelor’s and preferably Master’s degree in accounting/auditing;
  2. 3 to 5 years of audit experience with a public accounting firm, preferably large accounting firms;
  3. Certification of CICPA or another professional qualification is preferred;
  4. Good project management skills;
  5. Good writing and communication skills, able to speak and write in English fluently will be an added advantage;
  6. Can use technology such as emails and MS Office (primarily Word and Excel) skillfully
  7. Is dedicated to teamwork and leadership;
  8. Integrity within a professional environment.
  9. Willingness to travel


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your CV to our HR department at beijingtalent@lehmanbrown.com. Please ensure the subject of your email includes: your name, the position you are applying for and the name of the department you wish to join.